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June Events UPDATE!

Event updates!

Tuesday, the 20th (tomorrow) our slosh will run from 7-11pm, with our DEMO starting at 9pm!

RubberSub will be bringing their Vacuum Bed, to share information & safety protocols about this bondage, latex, & sensation play device, as well as offering demos for folks interested in trying it out!

When speaking of Vacuum beds RubberSub said: It's perfect for people who like pressure (deep pressure therapy, autistic/spectrum folks who enjoy pressure, weighted blankets, hugboxes, and compression clothing). Also there's the bondage & helplessness aspect.

Sound headsup/warning: While it does require a vac to operate, RubberSub said the vac is only needed to be on momentarily to experience their vacuumbed. So while there will be a vacuum sound, it will be very minimal & brief (no constant noise)!

Attire: If you would like to participate & try the demo, it is advised you wear (or bring & change into) comfy clothing or fancy undies as regular clothes are to pokey.

**The demo will be starting at 9pm, and for extra safety (no random non-kinksters wandering in) we will be locking the doors at 9, but will send folks to regularly check the doors every 15 minutes for kinksters arriving past 9**

On Friday, June 23rd (from 6-7:30pm), Bloomington Kink is having a trial run of it's first 18+ Sip & casual discussion (on red flags) held at:

According to our survey, folks were interested in a light discussion, so our freeform "red flags" discussion will kick off between 6:30-7. I'll be wearing cat ears to be easy to find!

On Saturday, June 24th (from 5-8pm), Bloomington Kink will be having another Munch in the park, lead by Cuddles4Queers. For additional information & location, please RSVP on FetLife right here &/or reach out to Cuddles4Queers on FL.

Attending one of our events? Please check out our:

Stay consciously kinky, Singe~

Bloomington Kink:

SLOSH (21+)


Tuesday, June 20th:

Location: Serendipity Martini Bar (upstairs)

Address: 201 S College Ave

Bloomington Kink:

SIPS (18+)

A community social held at a café


Friday, June 20th:

Location: Soma East

Address: 1400 E 3rd St

Bloomington Kink:

MUNCH (18+)

Munch in the park

Lead by: Cuddles4Queers


Saturday, June 24th:

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