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Kinks & Fetishes

The world of BDSM is vast, but there are many people who don’t quite fit. Some people have specific fetishes - such as shoes or feet - but don’t necessarily fit into the BDSM spectrum. Others will align themselves with the BDSM lifestyle but may also have their own specific or idiosyncratic kinks and fetishes.

So what is the difference between a kink and a fetish? There are different definitions, and people use them in different ways, but here are some common ones:

  • Kinks are situations and fetishes are objects.

  • Kinks are anything that can be arousing, while fetishes are distinct things invested with special qualities that are necessary for a person to enjoy sex.

  • Kink is a general state of being, whereas fetishes are specific items/ situations.

There is a lot of overlap between kink and fetish, and they are often grouped together. BDSM itself is a group of broad categories of kinks and fetishes. So people in the BDSM lifestyle have kinks and fetishes, but people with kinks and fetishes aren’t necessarily in the BDSM lifestyle. 

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