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UPDATE: Nov 21st Slosh Location Change

Slosh location change!

Serendipity Martini Bar is closed this week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, so for our slosh tomorrow (Tuesday November 21st) we'll be meeting at our alternate space:

The Back Door is located around the corner from Serendipity on the (well lit) alley next to the 4th Street Parking Garage.

** The Back Door will be having a free "line dancing" class from 7:30-9pm, but nothing before or after that. We do have the ability to sit outside (if the weather allows), but I've been told the instructor is only up front & that we are welcome to be there **

Since this will be in a public non-kink space, there will be non-kinksters around who are not looking for the slosh. Singe (or another BK leader) will be roaming around the Slosh with cat ears, a sparkly hair flower, or something along that line, to be easy to find. If you're not sure that you've found the slosh, are looking for interaction, or have questions, you're welcome to come over to say hi.

About the Venue & Attire:

The Back Door is an queer bar that is open to the 21+ public.

(one does not need to identify as LGBT+ to attend an event at The Back Door)

There are alcoholic as well as spirit-free drinks available for purchase from the bar, they accept cash & card — there is an ATM in the bar.

Both everyday "vanilla" clothes, and some kinky attire (leather, corsets, rubber, etc. so long as it adheres to Indiana nudity laws) are welcome, just bear in mind this event will be in a vanilla (non-kink) space, with non-kinky folks.

Venue Accessibility Info:

The Back Door is up a short flight of stairs, and does have an electric lift, for those who don't use stairs. Once inside, there are 2 gender neutral bathrooms, both bathrooms do have a step up to use them.

Parking info:

There is parking available in the 4th street parking garage on the corner of Walnut & 4th street (I believe it's around .50 cents per half hour), as well as metered street parking, and a free lot across from the convention center (approximately 1 block away).

Attending an event? Please check out our:

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