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PrideFest 2022 Update

Greetings Bloomington Kinksters!

We've been SO excited and very eagerly getting ready for PrideFest 2022, however last week we found out we were exposed to Covid, and as of this morning, we are still Covid+.

This unfortunately means that as much as we hate to miss PrideFest today:

Bloomington Kink will NOT be able to be at PrideFest 2022.

Safety is of the utmost importance within our community, and this is no exception. While we LOVE PrideFest & having the opportunity for community outreach, we know there will be other opportunities. On the upside, at least we will be prepared next time around!

I wanna give a HUGE shout out to everyone who has donated and sponsored our booth for this year:

--- Tattoo Kaiju ---

--- Jordan ---

--- Pook ---

--- Jenni ---

--- John ---

--- Benjamin ---

--- Jo ---

--- Anonymous x5 ---

We are currently scheduled for a Slosh on Tuesday, August 30th. I will send out another newsletter in a few days to see if we're Covid negative by then.

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