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Newsletter: November 2022

Greetings kinksters : ) November has two sloshes with our themed slosh at the end of this month. For now, the munch is on hiatus, but we'll update if that changes! This months ridiculous *theme is:

"Practice safe lunch, use a CONDIMENT!" What's as kinky as the exploration & celebration of your tastes, and knowing what you like in your mouth? Whether your particular appetite prefers things that are:

Smooth, delicate, mild, sweet, or things that are:

Rough, course, intense, torturous pain, or perhaps:

A mix of all the things... there's bound to be a condiment for that ;) As always we love loose, literary, and silly interpretations of our themes. Yes, there will absolutely be TERRIBLE "prizes" for this theme. (*theme: Please remember that dressing up for themed sloshes is NOT mandatory. Themes are just for silly fun if people are inclined.) Coming to our slosh? Sloshes are great hangout spaces, so you're welcome to bring games &/or snacks with you. Also lowkey kink items are cool to bring as well (ambient kinkery is generally welcome during sloshes - we've had things like electric demos, bondage, and rope play before), but check-in with Singe during the slosh for consent to kink if you wanna use them at the slosh. Is this your first slosh or kink event?

_____________________ Bloomington Kink: SLOSHES (21+) 7pm-11pm

Tuesday, Nov 8th: BK Slosh - Nov 8th Tuesday, Nov 22nd: BK Slosh - THEME: Practice safe lunch, use a CONDIMENT! Location: Serendipity Martini Bar (upstairs) Address: 201 S College Ave

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