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June 2022 Newsletter & event changes

Greetings Bloomington Kinksters!

While we were anticipating continuing on our every other Tuesday schedule uninterrupted, we’re going to toss a slight & brief hiccup into that.

We're taking June 14th off, and resuming our every-other Tuesday sloshes starting up again on June 21st (and continuing on after that).

This will shift our sloshes to the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month for July & August, and then we’ll get a 3rd bonus slosh at the end of August because the month falls long.

Fear not, all is well! We just need to take an extra week off due to some personal health issues. Sloshes have been going strong since we resumed them, and we’re super excited that so many of y’all are coming out to slosh with us!

This will not be our only kink event for June! The BK Munch run by TangledRoots will be on Saturday, June 25th from 6-9pm over at Butler Park. Check out our calender or FetLife for more info.

Since we’re only having one slosh in June, we’re going to make it a THEMED slosh.

Themed sloshes are just an excuse to dress up according to a given theme! Sometimes we give out super lame prizes, sometimes we don’t give out anything. They’re very relaxed & entirely not required, so dress up if it tickles your fancy, or don't!


Wanna go subtle? Represent a single color.

Feel like having everyone visually taste the rainbow? Wear all the colors!

As a friendly note when attending your first slosh, we err on the side of discretion & do NOT tend to approach unfamiliar faces at the slosh. Instead wait for folks to approach us. That way, no one feels pressured to interact with our group, if its their first time &/or they just want to observe us from a distance for now.

Have an amazing June, and we'll see y'all soon!

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