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Newsletter October 2022

We have 2 sloshes this month, with our Slosh-O-Ween costume* themed slosh on the 25th. We're likely skipping a munch for Oct, but will update if that changes! Reminding y'all that bringing games, &/or snacks to sloshes is welcome, as are lowkey kink items. Ambient kinkery is generally fine during sloshes - e.g. we've had things like electric demos, & rope play - but check with Singe at the slosh if you wanna use them at the slosh. *COSTUME INFO: Costumes can be sexy, playful, silly, nerdy, scary, super obscure, or ultra popular, however, please keep in mind that someone's culture or trauma is not a costume. If you are wearing a costume that makes fun of or appropriates another persons culture, trauma, or physical ability - (e.g. "sexy Indian", "sexy Geisha", "sexy terrorist", "sexy nazi", "conjoined twins", "sexy hunchback", "a fat suit", etc you get the idea) - you will be asked to change/remove your costume or to leave if you refuse to change. Please remember that you must be fully clothed (no visible nips or genitals) whether you're costumed or not.

Bloomington Kink: SLOSHES (21+) 7pm-11pm Tuesday, Oct 11th: BK Slosh - Oct 11th Tuesday, Oct 25th: BK Slosh - THEME: SLOSH-O-WEEN Location: Serendipity Martini Bar (upstairs) Address: 201 S College Ave

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