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Newsletter: July 2022

Hello kinky people!

With that being said, after how the "guest host" of "Tickle me, Tuesday's" (TMT) chose to interact with our group at the last slosh, it is abundantly clear that coexisting in the space with them isn't something they are willing to do respectfully, and I am not willing to take another chance to allow my people to be alienated & treated like that again. Period.

I've been talking with The Back Door for nearly 2 months about scheduling & TMT. While they had offered to move TMT's to either earlier or later on Tuesdays, that unfortunately still has not happened. I was very hopeful this would be resolved after the last slosh (which is why this newsletter is being sent out when it is), but no luck as of yet.

So we're gonna have to wing it. I'm sorry folks... I really am trying here.

As of right now (before noon on Tuesday July 5th), we will still be meeting at The Back Door tonight at 7pm... We'll figure the rest of slosh out from there.

What does figuring it out mean?

It means it is now too hot (as in we are literally in a heat advisory & it's predicted to feel like 102 degrees at 7pm tonight) to be safely outside for everyone... So we'll be inside.

If the "Tickle me, Tuesday" comedy event overlaps while we're there, we will leave & go to The Atlas.

If we have to go to The Atlas, we may possibly move back to The Back Door later in the evening, we may not. To be determined.

Assuming we move locations, we will leave signs, & either have someone stay at The Back Door to direct our folks to The Atlas, or have someone regularly going back to check for any wayward kinksters.

If anything changes between now and then, I will update posts & send another newsletter out. Keep hydrated & I'll see y'all at 7!

Stay consciously kinky, Singe~

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