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Newsletter February 2024

February is full of kinky love (aka education)!


For both sloshes this month, we'll be having discussions & demos!


For our first slosh of the month (Feb 13th) we'll be having our third Discussion Series lead by Hickory: Negotiations


"We've talked about Consent, and how to Vet future play partners, now let's talk indepth about the most important part of starting a scene--Negotiation! Dos and don'ts, along with some examples!"


And for our second slosh (Feb 27th) we'll be having our second Intro to Rope Bondage 101 class with Blossom: The second Introductory Session


"In this next session I will demo a couple of practical, easy positions you can accomplish with the single column tie - as well as teach the next one - a double column tie (can anyone say rope handcuffs?). Feel free to come with a partner and/or your own rope - I will also have rope available to practice with."


For our discussion/classes, sloshes will run their usual time from 7pm-11pm, with the first half of slosh being relaxed (chit chat, card games, kinky coloring, & possible light casual play if folks feel inclined & check for permission first), and the discussion/class starting by 9pm on their respective nights.



Attending an event? Please check out our:


Stay consciously & consensually kinky!


Bloomington Kink:

SLOSH (21+)



 Tuesday, February 13th:


Tuesday, February 27th:


Location: Serendipity Martini Bar (upstairs)

Address: 201 S College Ave

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