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Newsletter April/May 2020

Greetings fellow Kinksters,   I hope that during this time of stress & uncertainty, that everyone is staying safe, keeping mostly sane, and always remaining consensual.   Unfortunately with the pandemic, all in person Sloshes & Munches are going to be staying on hold indefinitely. While the current "stay-at-home" orders have been extended to May 1st, there is no way of knowing if it will be lifted or extended by then. Even if it is lifted, there is no way of knowing to what degree things will be opened, and how long it will be before restaurants resume seating, or bars reopen their doors.  Therefore, I anticipate that we won’t be looking at any in person events or gatherings until June at the earliest.   I know a lot of people are going stir crazy, myself included, and with the physical separation due to social distancing, it’s hard (and in not the fun way) to keep on being communal, let alone kinking. But since we’re most likely still looking at isolation a little bit longer, I’m looking into possible digital options to keep Bloomington Kink active.   I’m planning to do a casual slosh/live stream of Kinky Coloring (via Twitch most likely), on Sunday's at 3pm EDT, where I'll be hanging out to chat & color in a page from one of

James Courney’s Kinky Coloring Books. You can just watch and hang out, or you can color along (or whatever art-goodness you want) if you like. If you want to follow along & color in your own page from The Kinky Coloring Book, you can use this link to purchase & download individual pages. (I will send an update when I have the date & link set)   What kind of digital kink things would YOU be interested in participating in?   ~ Please fill out this survey and let us know! ~ Also THANK YOU to all the folks who donated to get our website back online!!! I was waylaid & distracted with all the craziness around the CORVID-19 outbreak, that I didn't do this, but I will send out a newsletter within the next week or so, specifically dedicated to giving a proper shout-out to all of our donors! If anyone has any questions, thoughts, or concerns, I'm here & my door is always open. I can be reached via on the website.   Stay consciously kinky, Singe~

APRIL in person in a nutshell:

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