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June Newsletter - Slosh, Demo, Munch, & Sip!

Half way through the year! First up, our next slosh will be June 20th. Apologies for the late notice. I just found out that our regular venue will unfortunately be unavailable for use, and with it being the chaos of Granfalloon week, our backup venue is booked up with Granfalloon events. I really don't want to scramble at the last minute to try to find a place to host our slosh without running into the festivities or the overflow of non-kinky people traffic from them.

So we'll just be having 1 slosh for this month... But we are very excited to announce that at the slosh on the 20th we will be having an official demonstration starting at 9pm! RubberSub will be bringing their Vacuum Bed, to share information & safety protocols about this bondage, latex, & sensation play device, as well as offering demos for folks interested in trying it out! When speaking of Vacuum beds RubberSub said: It's perfect for people who like pressure (deep pressure therapy, autistic/spectrum folks who enjoy pressure, weighted blankets, hugboxes, and compression clothing). Also there's the bondage & helplessness aspect. Sound headsup/warning: While it does require a vac to operate, RubberSub said the vac is only needed to be on momentarily to experience their vacuumbed. So while there will be a vacuum sound, it will be very minimal & brief (no constant noise)! Attire: If you would like to participate & try the demo, it is advised you wear (or bring & change into) comfy clothing or fancy undies as regular clothes are to pokey. The demo will be starting at 9pm, and for extra safety (no random non-kinksters wandering in) we will be locking the doors at 9, but will send folks to regularly check the doors every 15 minutes for kinksters arriving past 9. In addition to our Slosh with demo on the 20th, we will ALSO be having another Munch (lead by Cuddles4Queers) and our first Sip with discussion! Dates to be sent soon! In the meantime are you new to kink, has it been awhile since you've been out to an event, or do you wanna brush up on etiquette? Please check out our: Quick guide to attending community events Stay consciously kinky, Singe~

Bloomington Kink: SLOSH (21+) 7pm-11pm Tuesday, June 20th: BK Slosh & Demo (21+) - June 23rd Location: Serendipity Martini Bar (upstairs) Address: 201 S College Ave

Bloomington Kink: SIP (18+)

MUNCH (18+)

Dates TBA for later this month!

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