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July 2024 Newsletter

It's offically summertime!


July has 3 sloshes coming your way. For the first Slosh of the month, we'll be having a discussion lead by Hickory about Event Etiquette.


Party Foul: A discussion on Event Etiquette

We've discussed Consent, Vetting, and Negotiation. Now that you have the knowledge and want to attend an event, let's learn about how to behave in a venue! Tips and tricks, along with examples of various club rules, will be discussed.



Attending an event? Please read our:


Stay consciously & consensually kinky!


Bloomington Kink:

SLOSH (21+)




Tuesday, July 16th:


Tuesday, July 30th:



Location: Serendipity Martini Bar (upstairs)

Address: 201 S College Ave

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