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December 2023 Newsletter

We made it to December!

We have 2 sloshes left to go, as we wind down the year.


Tonight (Dec 5th) is a normal relaxed slosh (with chit chat, card games, kinky coloring, & possible light casual play if folks feel inclined & check for permission first) BUT our slosh on the 19th will be a continuation of our discussion series on consent & vetting from HardAsHickory.


Discussion 2 -- New Kink, Who Dis?

Ready to play, but need someone to play with?

We will talk about how to be safe in your search for fellow kinksters.


In 2024 we are tickled to continue adding demo's & discussions as part of some Bloomington Kink sloshes, and are starting our the new year with a Rope class for our second slosh in January.


While we will send out another specific newsletter as we get closer, January is the month our website & domain need to be renewed - along with a few misc website incidentals (around $200 in total). This is a volunteer run educational website, so funding it comes out of our personal pockets. If you've found our website to be helpful, want to help support us, and have the means to do so, we ask you to consider tossing a couple of dollars our way to assist us to continue doing what we do.

You are welcome to gift a donation in person or digitally via Venmo or PayPal


Attending an event? Please check out our:


That's it for now!


Bloomington Kink:

SLOSH (21+)



Tuesday, December 5th:

Tuesday, November 21st 24th:

Discussion part 2: Vetting


Location: Serendipity Martini Bar (upstairs)

Address: 201 S College Ave

Solstice Walk



A casual winter stroll on the B-line

Lead by: Cuddles4Queers


Date: Thurs, Dec 21st

Time: 6pm-8pm


Location: Hopscotch Coffee (on Dodds)


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