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Bloomington Kink Newsletter January 2022

Happy New Year Kinksters!

We hope everyone had a safe, enjoyable, consensual, and kinky holiday season, and are having a smooth start to 2022.

First up! While we were really hoping to kick the year off with a munch or a slosh, we've been keeping an eye on the Covid-19 numbers, and due to the increase in Monroe County cases, Bloomington Kink is going to go on in person hiatus for the month of January. Fingers crossed for February though!

Secondly, in good news, we have secured a location to host small scale (10-15 person) kink classes at! We are still looking for locations that have a larger attendance capacity, but for now we have found a place for smaller classes. More details will come later. If all goes well, we'll hopefully have our first class sometime in February or March.

And lastly, it is the time of year where our website & domain needs to be renewed. If you have benefited from our website & newsletter, and would like to contribute to keeping our little website going, we ask that you might consider donating. Any amount is appreciate!

If you'd like to donate, you can do so via Venmo or PayPal, or shoot us a message!

Venmo: @Singe

Stay consentually kinky!

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