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Bloomington Kink Newsletter August 2022

Hello kinksters!

Our last slosh at Serendipity went well for both the kinksters and the bar, so we will continue hosting our sloshes over there for the current foreseeable future.

We’re still ironing out the wrinkles of getting familiar & comfortable with a new space, but are optimistic about the new possibilities there. With all luck, we will have our own drinks menu in the near future. Many thanks to all the folks who came out to support the slosh in the new space, & shoutout to HardAsHickory for giving us a wonderful impromptu violet wand demo!

For the time being, the bar is officially open to the public (as in, the front doors will be unlocked), but the ‘open’ sign will be off, and the lights will be dimmed outside to discourage random folks from walking in. Therefore the chances are that it will solely be kinksters in attendance as was the case for the last slosh.

Do you have feedback about slosh formatting or sloshes in general?


Bloomington Kink will be at PRIDEFEST on Aug 27th!

(more details on that soon)

Bloomington Kink SLOSHES (21+)

Location: Serendipity Martini Bar

Address: 201 S College Ave


Tuesday, Aug 2nd:

Tuesday, Aug 16th

Tuesday, Aug 30th

Bloomington Kink MUNCHES (18+) Location: Noodles & Company (at Eastland Plaza) Address: 2560 E 3rd Street


Saturday, August 13th BK August Munch

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