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Bloomington Kink Newsletter April 2022 & SLOSH



After two years, and 109 weeks of being on hiatus, SLOSHES are back!!!


Our first slosh will be:

In place of "Drink & Draw" Tuesday's, The Back Door is doing a new event called, "Tickle me, Tuesday!" (which is a comedy open mic night). As this is a new event, I'm unsure if it will be disruptive of the slosh at all, or if it will be benign enough that we can still slosh & socialize. I've been told it will only run from 8pm-9:30/10pm, so it won't be for the entirety of the slosh, and with all luck, it will mesh with us. Though with it being the beginnings of spring, if the weather allows for it, we may end up being outside on the porch anyway.


*Before we firm up scheduling a slosh on the 18th, we want to see how the 5th goes.

MORE Kinky options?

Sloshes are a Bloomington Kink staple, BUT we would like to offer an additional event that doesn't center around the consumption of alcohol, to be more inclusive of all folks.

But what & when? Let us know!

A reminder of the basic RULES of Bloomington Kink:



Be it a handshake, a hug, talking with someone, or sceneing, ALWAYS ask for CONSENT each & EVERY time you interact with others



No mean NO, not "try  harder"

Consent is only consent when it is a sober, enthusiastic, non-coerced, verbal YES!



The BDSM world depends on the safety & security of privacy. NEVER "out" someone.


In a NUTSHELL: Be mindful. Respect people. Don't be an ass.


Please also keep in mind that while the Monroe County mask mandate has been lifted, we do encourage implementing covid safety measures (as in: wearing masks, minimizing germ-share, hand sanitizing, giving people extra personal space if they want it, etc) while attending a public kink event, and we must abide by any requirements from any venue we hold events at.

We look forward to seeing both new & old faces!

Stay consciously kinky!







Fine Print:

Bloomington Kink & those who run it cannot guarantee that anyone attending any in person events will not contract COVID-19 or another illness. By attending an in person event, you confirm that you are 18 years of age, or older, and voluntarily assume the risk of exposure or infection, and any resulting illness or death.

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